Housmans Peace Diary

Submitted by Claire on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 12:01

As usual, Network for Peace has a small number to sell in lieu of Housman's sub to NfP.

This year’s feature looks at the origins and use of the various annual international Peace Days marked by activists in many countries – both those declared by bodies such as the United Nations and ones established by activists – and at the role of anniversaries in campaigning.

If you want to order one copy from NfP (larger quantities from Housman's Bookshop, see https://housmans.com/peace-diary/ ) please send a cheque made out to Network for Peace, for £10.45 (includes p&p) and post to NfP. Or make a donation of £10.45 at: http://www.networkforpeace.org.uk/donate and send an email to mail@networkforpeace.org.uk with your order, including a postal address.