Join Network for Peace

What you get for your subscription fee

* The chance to network with over 70 organisations varying in size and scope

* A regular news bulletin, either a bi-monthly mailing, or a regular email listing news and events

* The chance for your organisation to feature in the bulletins, and to disseminate the information you want publicised, whether by post or on our website

* The chance for your leaflets, newsletters etc to be present at conferences and meetings which you may be unable to attend – the NfP table has been present at local and national meetings including CND Conference, and a sample selection of leaflets has been present at larger events such as Labour Party Conference. Can you afford to miss this opportunity to get your organisation known around the country?

* The chance to know that there are many groups in the UK doing similar work, and to be inspired by them

* A focus point for enquiries especially in the unfortunate event of a crisis

* The knowledge that you are helping support the work not only of Network for Peace, but also every other organisation which is currently a member.

Why join?

Fair question – after all you can still access all the information on the website for free and you are perfectly welcome to do so. However, we are dependent on our members’ subscription – apart from a small grant for a specific project which paid for an extra day a week for three years – now expired. So, without members’ subscription much of this work couldn’t be done. We hope you find the information useful and would like to help us continue. So please join us and support the rest of the peace movement.

Not convinced?

We could come to one of your meetings to talk about the work of NfP and the various member organisations. Just ask! (We’d need travel expenses!)

Why not have look at what others have said about us? See 'What they say' below.

How much?

Depends upon the size of your organisation.

Organisation size – suggested rates per annum

Under 50 members £30
50-499 members £40
500 - 999 members £60
1,000 - 4,999 members £100
Over 5,000 members £350

Note - we want to be as inclusive as possible. We do not want any group to feel too small to matter or too financially strapped to afford membership. A small donation is better than being excluded from the network!

We do have minimal overheads, but welcome any member who can pay even a small amount.

You can donate an amount for your membership in four ways

* Donate now using Paypal
* Send a cheque along with your completed membership form (payable to "Network for Peace"),
* Send money via bank transfer using the bank details from the standing order form. Please remember to tell us if you pay by transfer
* Complete and return the standing order form (contact us for a copy).
Then send the cheque, date of bank transfer, or SO form with your completed membership form

Please complete the membership form below and return to: NfP, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX.

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