Fly Kites not Drones - Oxford

Wed, 21/03/2018 - 14:00
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Fly Kites Not Drones is a peace campaign which was launched five years ago by young non-violent peace campaigners in Kabul who have first-hand experience of family members killed by drones. The campaign was created to highlight the fear and harm which armed drones inflict on children, so much so that they're now too afraid to take part in Afghanistan's much-loved pursuit of kite flying. International campaigners are asked to fly kites on the Persian New Year (March 21st) in solidarity with Afghan children.

Bring and fly a kite at the top of South Park to make a statement against drones.

Organised by: 
Oxford CND
Organiser is an NFP member
South Park, East Oxford
For more information contact 01865 242919 or email