Oxford lobby on Trident

Thu, 14/07/2016 - 17:00
Regular event?: 
This is not a regular event

Oxford CND will have a stall from 5pm. The combined rally will be from 6 to 7pm
Oxford CND, Oxford Stop the War & Momentum are joining for a rally this Thursday, ahead of the Trident decision to be taken in Parliament next Monday and in support of Jeremy Corbyn.
It is essentialfor Corbyn to stay on as leader to influence the vote on Trident.
At this point with the lower value of the pound, it looks like the billions that will be committed to this useless , unethical and inappropriate outmoded weapon system will be even greater. At the very least Parliament should wait to debate this motion when the real cost can be estimated.
PLease spread the word and bring placards if you can

Organised by: 
Oxford CND
Organiser is an NFP member
The south end of Cornmarket, near Carfax