The Right Thing to do? - an Ethical Briefing on Nuclear Weapons

Thu, 21/04/2016 - 13:30 - 14:45
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This is not a regular event

Hosted by Seema Malhotra MP and Ruth Cadbury MP.
Parliament will decide soon on Trident renewal. If you think our MPs ought to be briefed on the ethics of nuclear weapons before they commit us to another 35 years of weapons that threaten the earth, this is the meeting for you - an open meeting to which all our MPs are being personally invited. They will be introduced to the Nuclear Morality Flowchart - a logical decision tree of all the relevant moral and practical questions that are necessary for a rational, personal decision on the ethics of nuclear deterrence.
You can try it now at: Ask your MP to try it and then send you his or her decision path.

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Nuclear Morality Flowcharts
Organiser is an NFP member
Hous of Commons Committee Room 5
Martin Birdseye 020 8571 1691