From Cop28 to COP29 - What we hope for in 2024

Fri, 10/05/2024 - 19:00
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Deborah Burton will share her experience of the recent COP28 in Dubai with specific reference to Tipping Point North South's events on military emissions and spending, as well as reflect on the activities throughout 2024 which will deepen awareness and action on both issues as we move towards COP29 in Azerbaijan.

Deborah is a co-founder of Tipping Point North South (TPNS), a co-operative that supports and initiates creative, campaign-driven projects that advance the global social justice agenda. In recent years its work has evolved to develop TPNS stand-alone advocacy campaigning such as The Five Percent Campaign – focused on cutting global military spending. Tickets:

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Movement for the Abolition of War
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