International Summit for World Peace.

Sat, 25/11/2023 - 00:00 - Sun, 26/11/2023 - 00:00
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This is not a regular event

Guests Speakers:

Alberto Portugheis | HUFUD | Argentina – London | World Peace IS POSSIBLE

Fernanda Canesto Nates | Corporación Universitaria UNICOMFACAUCA | Colombia | Pitayó: Women and Inspiration for Peace in Indigenous Territory

Miguel Werner | UPF | Argentina | Peace Route 2023: ‘Argentina Chooses Peace’

Mahlet Sebsibe | HUFUD | Ethiopia | Ongoing Wars in Ethiopia: The Development of a Catastrophic Crisis

Paola Martínez Acosta | Corporación Universitaria UNICOMFACAUCA | Colombia | Musical Cultures in the Construction of Peace and Coexistence in Popayán, Colombia

Patricia Pitaluga | President of Bringing Nations Closer | Argentina | The Countdown: Toward a World of Peace

Bruno Ndagga | HUFUD | Uganda | Peace, the Total Elimination of Refugee Camps, and a World Free of Conflicts are Possible Through the Abolition of the Arms Industry and Militarism.

Julián Andrés Ovalle | Observatorio de Militarismo | Colombia | Objecting to the Arms Industry: Antimilitarist Keys to Disobey Militarism and Militarization

Alicia Cabezudo | GAMIP AL&C| | GAMIP AL&C: An International Organization for the Construction of Cultures of Peace, Disarmament, and the End of War. | Education for Global Disarmament. An Urgent and Necessary Proposal in the International Pedagogical Field.

Antonio Imeneo | Books For Peace | UniFUNVIC Europa | Italy | Peace is not a philosophical concept, it is a practice of everyday life.

Patricia Pérez | ILAPyC | Argentina | Violence Alert

Baldet Bertrand / Abdon Dominique Koko | Seeds of Peace | Africa | Mitigating Non-State Armed Group Enrollment: A Score Analysis of the Recruitment Tendencies in the Tillaberi Region, Niger

Fernando Cruz Artunduaga | Universidad de Tolima | Colombia | Demilitarizing Life in the Territories: A Democratic Approach to Peacebuilding

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