Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech under Surveillance Capitalism

Wed, 24/03/2021 - 19:00
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With Jillian C. Yorke.
How do Google, Facebook and Amazon threaten our democracy? What is the impact of surveillance capitalism on our right to free speech?
Join leading campaginer Jillian C. Yorke for an exploration of how corporations and platforms exercise more control over our ability to access information and share knowledge than any state. Jillian will show how big corporations have become unaccountable censors, and the devastating impact this has had on those who have been censored.

We will discuss how our rights have become increasingly undermined by the major corporations' desire to harvest our personal data and turn it into profit. Jillian will also look at how governments have used the same technology to monitor citizens and threatened our ability to communicate.

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Housmans Bookshop
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