Get ready for a summer of resistance against the arms trade with Smash EDO & CAAT

Thu, 15/03/2012 - 19:00 - 21:00
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In the last year, British armoured vehicles, tear gas and weapons have been turned on democracy protesters in the Middle East and North Africa. Despite this, the UK continues to arm these repressive regimes. The weapons are made in the UK. They are promoted and licensed by the UK government. It is up to us to stop this happening.

Smash EDO, a Brighton based anti arms trade campaign has been taking direct action aimed at shutting down their local arms factory, EDO MBM/ITT since 2004. ITT supplies weapons to the US and UK for use in Afghanistan and to Israel for its repression of Palestinians. Come along to this talk and discussion hosted by Norfolk CAAT to find out how you can get involved in shutting EDO down this Summer. Hear from Campaign Against Arms Trade about UK sales to repressive regimes, the arms trade around Norwich and how you can take action.
Entrance is free. All welcome

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Room 01.02 at 'The Arts Block' UEA, Norwich.
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