Against Nationalism, Against War

Thu, 15/02/2024 - 19:00
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Against Nationalism: class struggle! Against Imperialist war: class war! The Left have lost sight of this, but anarchist communists mustn’t! Anarchist Communist Group hosts an on-line meeting.
The struggle against Imperialism can only be a struggle against global capitalism in favour of global social revolution. This struggle is the class struggle.
We don’t believe that it is necessary for revolutionaries to support one Imperialist power or alliance over another, the task is to abolish capitalism and therefore, imperialism. We are not in the business of supporting one proto-state against the established state.
But we ARE required to analyse the shifting alliances, to try understand the rationale of the Imperialist powers and to oppose them through the only method that can ultimately stop them: the direct action of the working class.
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