Protect our Water - Who's the Fool

Mon, 01/04/2019 - 10:00
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HS2 is the proposed high speed train from London to Birmingham and beyond. On a site just off Harvil Rd, HS2 are currently setting up a pile load test, drilling 70m down to find out if they really can build a viaduct here or not. Sarah Green and Lora Hughes dared to ask if this work is legal. After all normal means of questioning were exhausted over many months, with no response, Sarah opted to climb on a digger, and Lora locked herself to it.
HS2's response was to have Sarah and Lora arrested for aggravated trespass by obstructing ‘lawful’ work. We firmly believe that work to be quite illegal. Sarah and Lora are in court on April 1st. Bring Music, Bring Poetry, Bring Banners, Bring Noise, Bring Friends, Bring Peace and Love.

Organised by: 
Hillingdon Green Party and others
Organiser is not an NFP member