The Murderers are Amongst Us/ The St Pancras Rent Strike

Sun, 11/11/2018 - 11:00
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Berlin in 1945 after Germany's defeat in the war. The former military surgeon Dr. Hans Mertens stumbles down the street, drunk. He suffers from flashbacks of the war and has an aversion to people in pain, which prevents him from practising medicine. Instead, he spends his days drinking. An artist and Nazi concentration camp survivor, Susanne Wallner finds him living in her apartment as she returns home. They reluctantly live together at first, then become friends. 85mins Dir Wolfgang Staudte.

The 1959/60 St Pancras council tenants’ rent strike came about through tenants’ opposition to the St Pancras Conservative Council’s decision to implement a rent scheme that set maximum and minimum rents based on the rateable value of their properties. The impact of the scheme was massive rent increases and council rents being brought up to levels set for private tenants in the 1957 Rent Act. 30mins.

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