‘The Man Who Saved the World’

Sat, 17/02/2018 - 14:30
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Wallasey CND Free Film Show.

Shortly after midnight on 26th September 1983, a Soviet early warning radar detected what were thought to be incoming American nuclear missiles. Lt. Colonel Stanislav Petrov, on duty in a defence bunker near Moscow, decided not to retaliate immediately thus preventing the beginning of World War III, the deaths of millions of people and, quite possibly, the end of life on Earth.
Released in 2014 after 10 years in the making the film movingly reconstructs that day from present day interviews with a somewhat reluctant Petrov. Director: Peter Anthony 1hr.50 mins long certificate
18 and rated 4*; contains strong language.
Refreshments served 2pm Film starts 2.30

Organiser is not an NFP member
Wallasey Central Library Earlston Rd. CH45 5DX
Further info Wallasey CND: janmike@care4free.net