Make It Right For Palestine #Balfour100

Sat, 04/11/2017 - 12:00
Regular event?: 
This is not a regular event

For 100 years, Britain has disregarded the rights of Palestinians and been complicit in grave and systematic violations of international law. As we approach the centenary of the Balfour Declaration- which built the path for their dispossession- we are demanding justice and equality for Palestinians now.
The demonstration is organised and supported by PSC, Stop the War, Friends of Al Aqsa, Palestine Forum in Britain, Muslim Association of Britain, National Education Union, National Union of Teachers, Unite the Union, Unison, GMB, ASLEF, FBU, RMT, UCU, PCS, CWU, Kairos UK, Friends of Sabeel UK, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK, and Amos Trust.
Speakers at the demonstration will include John Pilger, Dr Mustafa Barghouti, Andy Slaughter MP, Mick Whelan (General Secretary ASLEF,) Gail Cartmail (TUC,) Matt Wrack (General Secretary, FBU,) Margaret McKee (President, Unison,) Senator Paul Gavan (Sinn Fein,) Leanne Mohamad, Reem Kelani, Philipa Harvey (NEU/NUT Section,) Daoud Abdalah (BMI,) Ajmal Masrour, Prof Manuel Hassassian (Palestinian Ambassador to the UK,) Tariq Ali, Salma Yacoub, Dave Randall.

Organised by: 
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Organiser is not an NFP member
Speakers' Corner, Marble Arch, London