What is everyday militarism?

Mon, 07/09/2020 - 19:00
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This is not a regular event

Militarism is all around us – from Armed Forces Day to school cadet forces, from arms companies sponsoring Pride marches to simplistic narratives about history. At the first of our events, we will ask what everyday militarism is and what we can do about it.
This is a chance to hear from inspiring speakers but also to share your own thoughts and experiences as we learn from each other, and as we make plans to resist militarism and to campaign for peace and nonviolence. Speakers will include:
• Azariah France-Williams on the links between militarism and racism.
• Rachel Melly on military pinkwashing and the No Pride in War campaign.
• Tomos Williams-Mason on the experience of militarism as a teenager in Britain today.
We will be starting at 7pm on 7th September, using Zoom or a similar platform. The link will be published closer to the time. Please keep an eye on our website for details: https://www.ppu.org.uk/civicrm/event/info%3Fid%3D169%26reset%3D1

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Peace Pledge Union
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